Saturday, April 14, 2012

Orphan Ministries

I have received a few messages and emails asking about orphan ministries that we trust to give to on an ongoing basis.  I figured I would put some on the blog in case anyone else would like to find some great ministries.

Here are 3 that we love:

Reece's Rainbow
Reece's Rainbow goes without saying.  Their ministry is to provide a photo listing of children and to provide grants for children in order to take the financial burden off of families who want to adopt but cannot afford to.  With Reece's Rainbow you can support the organization or a specific child or family.

Shepherd's Field Children's Village
Shepherd's Field Children's Village - I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this ministry.  There is almost too much to write.  We first heard about it before we adopted our first son from China.  When we found out that we would be going to Beijing we knew SFCV was close enough to go visit.  We spent the day at SFCV and it was amazing!  To back up, SFCV grew out of a desire to help orphans, especially those with special needs, in China.  The founders, after caring for and fostering orphans for years, started looking for land to build a special needs foster home that had a clinic, therapy house, school, and vocational training.  It's a long story but they were able to buy the land for $1.00.  Is that God or what????  Shepherd's Field is the largest foster home type facility in China.  They welcome every special needs child they have room for, they provide medical care and surgery, therapy, schooling, they have full time nannies with a small nanny to child ration, and they never kick a child out even if they "age out" of the system.  They are completing a vocational training center to teach the kids a trade so that they are not just thrown out into the world without any job skills.  There is a 10-minute video on their homepage and it is worth it to watch.

We were able to spend all day there touring the entire facility and playing with and holding the children.  We have also kept in touch and sponsor one of the children we met there (she fell in love with my husband and loved sitting with him).  The kids were genuinely happy and well care for.  In China you cannot proselytize but you can use the Bible to teach English and tell stories and do crafts, etc...  These kids do learn the gospel, even in China.  You can donate directly to the ministry or you can sponsor a specific child.  They also have an "Inn of Eight Happinesses" with very nice dorm type rooms for mission groups.

Here are some pictures of our visit:

Bible Orphan Ministry
Bible Orphan Ministry - I am so excited about this ministry!  I have been following their blog for some time.  Wouldn't you know it, they are in Valentin's country!  I contacted them to see where in his country they were located because we wanted to meet them and maybe bring some donations and sure enough they are close enough to meet us for lunch.  I am so excited to meet them and learn more about the work they do.  You really have to check out their blog and see what they do.  Especially interesting is their account of what life is like inside of an orphanage for a child.

They go into orphanages and bring not only material items the kids need like shoes and hygiene products but they also bring the message of Jesus Christ!  Through age appropriate talks, lessons, puppet shows, and crafts they teach the children about God and the bible.  They are also able to witness to the orphanage staff.

As most of you know that when we committed to Valentin we were told he was to be transferred to a mental institution and that we could expect to adopt him from there.  By God's grace the director of his orphanage was told that we were coming for him and the director has agreed to hold him at the orphanage until we get there.  Praise God!  However because of what I have learned about these mental institutions through parents who have adopted from them, I am horrified that any child has to suffer such fate.  Remember this post?  It's horrifying.  Bible Orphan Ministry visits, brings shoes and hygiene items and gifts, plays games, and teaches the gospel to orphans sentenced to these mental institutions.  They are likely the only visitors these children ever see.

Now you see why I am so excited to meet the ministry team!  I wish we would have been smarter about this and we could have gathered donated items to take over for them.  I wish we would have thought about this sooner.  However we can all still help by donating on their blog.  Please consider helping the important work they are doing and please share their website and blog with others.

I leave you with some video's of their work:


  1. Great Post! It's sometimes hard to know the right place to give so it gets to the right person.Keeping you in prayer! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I had never heard of this ministry in Ukraine - wow! just shared their link on f.b. too b/c i tried to explain our hosting situation and that the child will come here with very little as orphans they own nothing. So many can not begin to understand that or the idea that whatever we send him home w/ might not be "his" afterall. These pictures and simple ideas such as shoes to own will really help my friends understand! What an awesome group so lucky that you get to at least meet them and let them know people on this side of the ocean are praying for them! we know another American couple leaving Monday to Ukraine - we will continue to pray for you all!

  3. I'm glad to see that you mentioned Bible Orphan Ministry! I love their blog.

    I'll be thinking about you and Valentin in the coming days. So excited for you all!