Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 7: Taking it easy

After looking up all the diagnoses and medications we received from the orphanage doctor we had a few more questions to ask so our facilitator went with us to the orphanage today.  We received some clarification especially on the medicines he is taking.  We are not worried about the things in his file, we just needed some clarification.

During that time our facilitator was able to show the doctors pictures of Julia, a little girl who was given no hope and placed in the same laying room that Valentin is in, but had been adopted and is doing tremendously well now.  The doctors were shocked!  They were so surprised she was doing so well.  Little Julia is a champion for special needs kids in that building now, she and her amazing family have shown them what potential these kids have.  Love it!

Valentin seemed a bit tired (or drugged) today so we decided to keep it calm for him and take it easy.  We just sat with him next to his stroller and played with toys.  He sort of zoned in and out.  But he was playful some of the time and we had a great visit.  He especially loved his book!

You will see in the video that the book was hard to maneuver for him in the beginning but by the end he was turning pages with no problem.  He is learning no.  You will see in the video he puts the book in his mouth and after being told no he sort of keeps an eye on me and gets close to doing it again with a coy smile.  Sly little guy!  Have I said how much we love him?!?!

I have to say that I had been very impressed at how some of the kids had been allowed to play outside and how well the nannies had been treating them.  Today I saw that they were taking some of the kids on donkey rides for therapy.

I was really starting to wonder if I had this place all wrong.  I have yet to see any child with obvious special needs except for one boy so I kept going back and forth in my this place really so bad...but it must be because they do nothing for the special needs kids.  But seeing how loving and friendly the nannies were really had me questioning everything.  Until I asked about the kids playing outside and I was told they are all the "visiting" kids.  Parents can use the orphanage as daycare or respite or if they get put in jail or something...then it clicked, all the "visiting" kids get to spend time outside and get special treatment.  They get played with and get to go for donkey rides.  The special needs kids get to stay inside.  Sad.  Disappointing.  I had hoped I was wrong.


  1. I know with all going on you don't have time for alot of questions, but I'm wondering the sedatives they use in the orphanges do you have to gradually get them off of them or do you just stop them once they come home? I'm so enjoying the videos his sweet temperment really shines through.Keeping you and your family in prayer.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. So sad that only the "visiting kids" have those priveleges. :( Praying for the rest of your visits and that you make a difference in how they think with your love for Valentin.

  3. How frustrating...And terribly sad. So glad you're getting Valentin out of there.

  4. How thoroughly and carefully Valentin explored the book! The little wheels in his mind are busy! He is so delighted to learn and experience things, and he devotes the attention required to do so!

    Jamie and Tyler, thanks so much for your giving hearts! It is so very warming to see Christianity put into action!

  5. He is just a beautiful little boy. So stinking cute!! I'm excited to follow your journey and see the miracles that are worked in your son and your family. I have no doubt this little boy will be a different child in no time.

  6. I read every post! Love them! Love this sweet kid!
    He deserves better! He deserve to see the sun and touch the flowers and be loved! Poor child!

  7. my big day is tomorrow...but know I am thinking of you and so EXCITED to read all these updates--the hard and the oh-so-joyful. Thanks for taking us all on a journey into God's heart for the orphan!

  8. Just catching up on your blog and crying the happy tears for you and your son. He is precious! Our son was strapped to a stroller when we met him but allowed outside on supervised outings with his groupa. Praying for the others in the orphanage and that others will be allowed the joy of going outside, and even more so, the joy of having families.