Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A plea for a family meeting their daughter soon

Is this not the most precious little girl????

This is Maya and some very dear friends of ours are proud to call her daughter.

While praying for us and Daniel during our adoption process, our friends asked of God what they could do for the orphan.  They are no strangers to adoption so I don't think it surprised anyone when they announced they were adopting Maya.  It was no surprise either that they would adopt a child with Down's Syndrome.  Of course that is something they would do, it's right in line with their character.

Without having the money to pay for the adoption, they prayed in faith that God would somehow provide the money needed to fund the adoption.  And He has been so faithful to provide just what they need, just when they need it.  But as they get closer to leaving to meet Maya for the first time (in just weeks) they are still in need of the $5,000.00 to cover this first trip.  Plus what they will need after the first trip.

God always comes through with money just when they need it, but what if we as the body of Christ could relieve them of any worry and free them up to concentrate on their daughter? Will you join me in rallying around this family in prayer and financial support as they busily prepare to meet their daughter?  You all blessed us beyond measure and I would love for the Warrens to feel that love and support as they step out in faith and follow God.

Here is a link to their sponsor page on Reece's Rainbow if you would be willing to make a donation.

You can also follow their journey here on their blog.

Please Father, I pray that this family would be absolutely blown away by the generosity and the love of Your church!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Come and see what the Lord has done

I love October!  The fall weather, the leaves changing color, the pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving and Christmas items on full display at Hobby Lobby :-)

October is a very special month for us.  This month Tyler and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.  We also celebrate the birth of our miracle baby Ethan who was not expected to make it to term and now here he is turning 4 years old.  And today we celebrate EMMA DAY!  One year ago today we met the little wonder that has filled our lives with unimaginable joy!

I thought in honor of EMMA DAY I would share her adoption video.  We make these for all our kids and since I am sharing Emma's I though I would add the other ones too.  So if anyone still reads this blog...and if any of you have a lot of free time today, I invite you to pull up a comfy chair and come and see what the Lord has done...