Thursday, April 12, 2012

Family of 5 fun

We have been soaking up every minute we have with our kiddos before we leave.  Treasuring every laugh, hug, and moment!  Life is about to get crazy with a new addition so we have been trying to be very intentional about spending time with our little blessings.

We took one last trip to the zoo as a family of 5.

Before we all got sick we had a chance to go to the lake for my mom's birthday.  We have family there and they have all the fun "toys" so the kids got to play on the beach, play in drag boats, and ride in the deuce and a half.  Unfortunately that is where we all started to feel so sick and had to cut the trip a little short to head home, but we had tons of fun while it lasted :)

We are very excited for our family to grow but these last few weeks have been very sweet as we enjoy the precious time we have with the 3 littles.

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