Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 6: Finally got to hold him

I am posting this a day late because exhaustion finally caught up with me.  It was all I could do to eat an early dinner last night and I was in bed at 5:00pm.

We got to visit Valentin in the morning and they let us bring him outside again, and we even got to walk him around the whole property.  He was so fascinated by the other kids playing that he did not want to stray far from where he could see them.

He kept watching and laughing with some kids that were playing in a covered picnic type pavilion.

He seemed like he so badly wanted to go play with them so I asked if I could take him out of the stroller and was told yes.  This was the moment I would finally get to hold my boy and I was taking it!  Not knowing how he would react, I slowly unbuckled him, put my hands under his arms and lifted a little, so far so good.  I picked him all the day up, no problem.  His body is so stiff it was hard to find a comfortable way to hold him but he did lean into me and put his face against mine, so sweet!  I started to carry him up to the pavilion and he seemed excited, but once we got in, he had had enough.  He doesn't really cry or scream, it's more like loud moaning and he started throwing his body around.  I took him back to his stroller and Tyler and I tried to comfort him.  We would have been just fine but a nanny came over and took charge.  I think he was comforted by hearing Russian most of all so we will have to work harder on our Russian.  It was a little frustrating that she would not let us take care of it but maybe she thought she was helping.  It did not end well, but it sure was nice to finally hold him!  It all happened so fast Tyler was only able to get one picture.

We brought out a ball that we had for him and he instantly figured out that if you hit it, it lights up.  Smart boy!  I was also very impressed when he started putting it in the cup holder of his stroller and taking it out.  Our therapists would be so proud!  Given a little opportunity, he can do some pretty amazing stuff!

We left the orphanage just in time for our driver to drop us off at church.  We got to meet Nate and Diana Medlong and the other pastor at the Calvary Chapel here.  I wish I would have remembered to take a picture with them.  But we did get one picture.

I love the contrast, at our home church we have all the hi-tech audio and visual stuff, a decorated church and stage, and even a cafe and bookstore.  They have a rented room in a sports complex with a cross made of tape and an overhead projector to display song words.  And God was worshiped all the same.

We also met another adoptive dad visiting his son there.  It was a great time of worship and teaching.  The fellowship was fun afterwards.  They were all so gracious and willing to help us with anything we needed here.  One of the many reasons I LOVE being a part of the body of Christ!  It was such a joy to close my eyes and just listen to God being worshiped in another language, I did not understand the words (although we did recognize some of the songs) but the love was there.  The service was translated into English.  We walked home from there, we knew it would be a long walk but we enjoyed seeing the city.  About an hour later we arrived at the apartment, still praising God for all He has done and will do!


  1. How wonderful to see him beginning to discover his world...

  2. I think the kids get parked in those sheds a lot in warm weather. It might not have a happy vibe for him. I am amazed at his abilities. You are all in my prayers.

  3. I continue to pray for your family. What an inspiring story you are living! God bless each of you. Keep blogging. It makes my day to read it!