Thursday, February 23, 2012

I mean really?!

I am not sure I will ever stop crying at this point. God just keeps blessing us. People keep surprising us. I am just overwhelmed with emotion I almost cannot write a coherent post. What am I saying almost...I can't write a coherent post at this point. There just are no words to describe what I am about to tell you.

Remember the post a while ago about my dear friend's cousin who's sunday school class was raising money for Valentin until Valentine's Day? Then remember how I posted that he, "4 teenage boys and 1 old lady" worked so hard to raise over $4,000 for Valentin and shared their excitement about it? And then the pictures...those pictures that moved me so much as I saw so many working and giving to bring Valentin home? Remember me saying that I wished I could hug and thank, in person, the people that worked so hard to help us rescue Valentin???? Can you see where this is going???

We got a letter in the mail today from the brother of the "1 old lady" with an offer to help our family fly out to the town in Mississippi that worked so hard on this fundraiser and meet them in person. I mean really?! Who does this stuff happen to? Who's life am I living? We are so unworthy of these blessings and all these amazing new friends!

I don't know how it is all going to work or when but I CANNOT WAIT for all the people that worked so hard on the fundraiser and spent so much time baking and praying and donating to MEET THE BOY THEY ARE RESCUING! We have to get Valentin home and checked out by doctors and give him some time to adjust, but when the time is right we will be on the first plane headed for Mississippi to meet all his new friends! And I know ya'll are reading this so we cannot wait to meet you :)

And Valentin, our precious Valentin, I cannot wait for you to feel and see all the love that has been poured out for you. You, my sweet son, are dearly loved!


  1. That is so incredible!! I love people like that!

  2. This makes me cry. Lucky, lucky Valentin. He sits over there in a crib and has no idea. I cannot wait til you walk into his orphanage.