Wednesday, February 15, 2012

God's church at work

Okay, let's see if I can write this post through the tears and heaps of tissue. Remember the last post about the fundraiser for Valentin? I just received pictures and honestly I am speechless...just speechless!

The last two days I have been reading posts on a blog about children left unadopted and transferred to institutions (I am going to repost them here soon). These posts are so heart-breaking and so unspeakably sad that for the last two days I have been in such a state of loss and sadness I can hardly think of anything else. Thoughts have circled my mind about how in the world can we not help these kids, how can they be sentenced to such horrific conditions, and I have to admit I get a little angry and feel like screaming "Where is the church?!". Then I get an email full of pictures that remind me God is still very much at work in His church. And His church is still very much at work. His church came together bringing what little or as much as they could and worked to save one. Even just one. How I wish I could travel to Mississippi and hug everyone of you who worked on or gave during this fundraiser! I am so grateful for the pictures so I can put faces to the people we have been thanking God for.

How I wish I could hug and thank all of you who have given your money, your prayers, and your time to this mission to rescue Valentin. I will repost the blogs about life in an institution soon and you will see that I am not kidding when I say that you are literally saving Valentin from a life of misery.

Valentin, my sweet son, just a little longer and you will know how loved you really are!


  1. You know, I might be able to arrange some of those hugs:). Love it!!! such a gift to me!!

    1. Who would have thought when we met on that fateful adoption trip to China, that years later all these connections would be made? You have been an amazing friend and your family, friends, and hometown have been amazing too! Please please please do give them those hugs for us!!!