Thursday, February 23, 2012

How do we say thank you

I did not intent to post again today but I just noticed that someone donated $2,000 to our grant on Reece's Rainbow. How do we say thank you? We have been awe-struck by the kindness and generosity that has been shown to Valentin and to us. I know I have said thank you so many times and have tried to say it so many ways, I fear not saying it enough or saying it too much.

I want all of you to know how very grateful we are that you have so generously shown your love for and desire to rescue our son! Yet, we want to respect that what you give and how you give is between you and God and we want you to get your reward in heaven. We take very seriously scripture and especially when it comes to giving and we know many of you want to do your giving in secret not to be praise here on earth, but to show your love for God and His people. That is why we don't "out" anyone here on our blog, when you share your stories with us we want to write about it to give glory to God and let Him reward you. So we are left wanting to lavish many thank you's on you but knowing that is not why you gave and not wanting to take away from God's blessing and honoring your gift.

I have been told that Reece's Rainbow will give us a list of everyone who has donated to our grant and I want so badly to have that list so I can handwrite thank you notes to all of you. That would make it a little easier for us to accept the money if we could personally thank all of you. But after some thought and prayer I don't think we should see who donated. When we donate to other adoption funds we like staying anonymous (unless there is a wonderful story of God's provision and glory we want to share with the family) because we don't do it for praise, we do it for the God and for the children. I am sure that is why you do it too. So as hard as it is, we are leaving the rewards and blessings to God and we hope our simple 'thank you' expresses how grateful we are.


  1. Yes! Thank you for not finding out. I donated and I absolutely do not want you to know who I am. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!

  2. Just a note to those donating -- I'm pretty sure you can add comments to your donation, and if you say you want it to be anonymous, I think RR will tell the family it's an anonymous donation rather than telling them your name on a list of donors. I did ask for a list of our donors, but I'm going to be stuck doing a similar general "thank you" post anyway, since I only know who one of the donors is!