Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello mountain, God just moved you

You knows those prayers you have been praying for Valentin's immigration case to be expedited...

Get out of the way mountains, God wants Valentin home now!

Yep, just got a call from our immigration officer (I didn't even know we had been assigned to an officer yet) and she has ALREADY approved the case. I am not kidding guys, this is UNHEARD of! It is still not official until we get fingerprinted...let me give you a little run down of the process so you can understand what's going on here,

Usually you send your application, it goes to Texas, spends a week there and gets logged into their system, it gets mailed to Missouri, it sits a while, they assign a date for you to get fingerprinted at a local USCIS office (usually several weeks out) and they send you a notice, you get fingerprinted, and you wait, and you wait, and you wait. And some time, usually 45-60 days after you mailed your application you get approval. And 45-60 days is a conservative number, our other two adoptions took 52 and 63 days.

We sent our application 11 days ago. ELEVEN DAYS!

Our officers approval is not official until we get fingerprinted, we have to wait to get our fingerprint notice in the mail and then we will try to walk-in to our local USCIS office. Our officer said our fingerprint appointment was scheduled for 3/13. But, with our last two adoptions our local office allowed us to walk-in. Please pray that this is still the case otherwise we have to wait until 3/13. When our fingerprints are done (electronically) our officer said she can approve us (officially) usually within 24 hours.

Now, it ain't approved until it is approved but ummmmm, how good is our God???

I think I will be stalking our postman...


  1. AMEN and thank you Jesus!!!!!!

  2. That is just to awesome for words!!!!

  3. "God wants Valentin home now"..... So do we all!! So happy for the mountain that got moved for your little boy. He so desperetely needed it.

  4. Wow, that's amazing! We sent our stuff in 9 days ago, and was happy to have received the receipt and form that says they sent our stuff on to Missouri! So happy for you!

  5. wow!! God is so good!! :D

  6. Hi Jamie,

    I'm Abby-we emailed a while back about Valentin's baby house. It's so good to hear this update! Our God is good! Thank you for sharing and keeping everyone updated! There are a lot of people praying for your son and your family!