Sunday, February 5, 2012

Important prayer request

As if we weren’t asking for enough prayers, right?!?!

We just sent our package off to USCIS (Immigration) and we are asking all of Valentin’s prayer warriors to join us in praying that immigration will expedite his case. If Valentin’s case is expedited that could mean up to 2 months less time he will have to spend in an orphanage. That is 2 months sooner that he could be here with a family and getting the medical/therapy attention he so desperately needs.

Immigration applications are processed on a first come first serve basis so normally I would not feel comfortable asking immigration to expedite his case. Every adoption is important and deserves immediate attention. By expediting we are asking to ‘cut in line’. Not something I am comfortable doing.

We have put a lot of thought and prayer into the decision to expedite. Yes Valentin needs to receive therapy for his cerebral palsy, yes he needs to get off anti-psychotic drugs that are given to him simply to keep him still and quiet, yes he needs to receive proper nutrition, yes he need to get OUT OF THAT DARN CRIB, yes he needs to avoid transfer to a mental institution, yes he simply needs to be hugged. But really, most orphans deal with some degree of these types of problems.

It was not until we talked to our pediatrician about his heart condition and anemia that we started feeling convinced that Valentin’s life might truly be in danger and it truly was important to get him to the States asap. Our doctor talked to us about cardiomyopathy in children and to be honest it scares me. Cardiomyopathy is the leading reason for heart transplants in children. When he started giving me specific instructions on how to travel with him and how to identify cardiac distress I knew in my soul Valentin must come home immediately. When you add the anemia to his heart condition he really IS in danger of death.

We are still not comfortable ‘cutting in line’ but feel confident it is justified. During our previous adoptions we did not expedite their cases because we did not want to abuse the use of expediting and even as much as we wanted to bring our kids home we had no problem with more desperately ill children getting processed first.

Now asking for expedite and getting expedite are two different things. We pleaded our case in a letter to immigration and our pediatrician wrote a letter too. Some cases get expedited and some don’t, it all depends on what immigration officer you get and the decision they feel like making. That is why we are asking you to join us in praying that God has already picked an officer who will look on Valentin’s case favorable and will work quickly to approve it.

Immigration approval can take up to 3 months to receive. That is 3 months that Valentin has to stay in his orphanage, drugged, immobile, isolated, lonely, and lacking proper nutrition and medical care. That is not okay with us and we are working like mad to get him out. Let’s storm heaven with our prayers!!!!


  1. Oh Jamie, you know you have my prayers. When I read the part about his heart condition, I started to cry. I knew this about him, but oh my! Sweet Valen needs to be home.

  2. Praying that God will work it all out just right.

  3. Keeping your family and Valentin in Prayer.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. I will be praying that you will get expedited. The good thing about USCIS right now is that processing is going faster--we got our I800A approval last week after only 39 days. We are adopting 2 waiting children from China. But if you can get expedited that will be even better!

  5. I will pray for your family and Valentin. Hope you can bring him home very soon.

  6. In this case, I do not think you should feel bad about "cutting in line". I think most people would let you in if they had a choice! Praying for you to get this expedited!

  7. Nothing bad about rescuing that sweet boy! So happy he has a good family on his side!

  8. I completely understand the guilty feeling of "cutting in line", but Valentin needs it. He needs to get out of there ASAP!!!! Every moment counts. You did the right thing. Here's hoping they do actually expedite and you get a nice little suprise in the mail in just a few weeks!