Thursday, January 12, 2012

Telling the kids

This story is just too heart-warming not to share. We decided to tell the kids about Valentin.

Our Little Miss is still too young and too delayed to really understand what is about to happen but we continue to show her Valentin’s picture and two videos we received.

For the boys (nicknamed Monkey and Speedy) though adoption is normal for them. I am pretty certain that at this young age (both are 3) they think all kids come from a plane, not a womb.

Here is how our conversation went:

Me: “Hey guys, what do you think about having another brother?”

Monkey: “Yes!”

Me: “Do you think this boy could be your brother?” (on the computer)

Speedy: “He nice?”

Me: “Yes, I believe he is nice. Do you think he should come live with us?”

Speedy: “Like Sissy?”

Me: “Yes, like Sissy”

Speedy: “Ummm, yeah”

Me: “What about you?”

Monkey: “I want another sister”

Me: “Well maybe someday, but what about another brother like Speedy?”

Monkey: “Yeah, that’s good”

Me: “His legs don’t work like yours, he will need a wheelchair”

Speedy: “His legs hurt?”

Me: “Yes, maybe they do”

Speedy: (with a very sad and concerned look) “I don’t want his legs to hurt”

Monkey: (with the same look) “I want to help him, he come live with us”

I cannot help but weep over how sweet these two little boys are. What compassionate hearts God has given these kids, we cannot take credit for the love they have for others. When they are not tackling anything that moves, they sure are sweet :o)


  1. So sweet. You guys have buckets of blessings coming your way, I just know it!

  2. I was so, so, so VERY happy to see someone had decided to adopt Valentin and now I get to "meet" the wonderful family he will ca HIS family.. I came across Valentin's picture a few weeks back. I fell in love with those beautiful eyes. His story got to me. I posted about him on facebook. I thought about him every night, hoping someone would come forward for him. I wished that someone could be me, but unfortunately after the adoption of our two children, my husband does not want anymore, so we are done. My oldest brother has CP. It was tough for him growing up because he wasn't diagnosed until he was in his thirties (he's 45 now), so without a diagnosis it was difficult for him to get the education he needed and impossible to get any kind of physical therapy. His CP wasn't that severe physically, but it did effect him mentally. The children on RR that have CP have my heart. I think about how my brother's life would have been had he been born in another country and I can't bear to think of it. I came onto RR the other day because I had made it my New Years Resolution to donate to Valentin's fund every month until he is adopted and that's when I discovered you had chosen him. I cried happy tears!!! THANK YOU!!! I am still committed to donate every month until he is home safe and sound in your arms! -Denise Godwin, CA

  3. Your children are wonderful, they made my day better. Thank you for sharing :)
    With lots of encouragement from Brazil,

  4. Your children are wonderful, they made my day better. Thank you for sharing :)
    With lots of encouragement from Brazil,