Sunday, January 8, 2012

Overwhelmed by love

I am not sure I can coherently write this post. Over the last few days, in particular the last 24 hours, we have seen the most selfless outpouring of love for Valentin and for us.

You have taken our breath away! When we committed to adopt Valentin we knew several people had been following his story but never could have imagined how many people would join us in trying to bring him home. We know that a rough long road lies before us and before Valentin. But with the encouragement and petitions made before God we know we will continue in strength and perseverance to bring this boy back from just existing to really living!

It has been a real trial for us to have to ask for help. We have had to swallow lots of pride (forgive us Lord for being prideful) and learn to graciously accept generosity from others. Thank you for your patience as we try to appropriately thank you and learn to accept the help.

You have lavished us with love and we long for the day we can show Valentin how wanted and loved he is. We are saving every blog post and every comment to share with him. Your kind comments mean more then you may ever know. What a legacy you all are creating for him.

Isn’t it so easy to get discouraged at the state of our world?! Then God gives us these amazing moments of mountains being moved.

Most of all we LOVE seeing two things: 1) the body of Christ doing was it was designed to do and 2) that God gets all the glory! When we look back we can see how He has brought so many things together for Valentin to be part of our family, how he led us to him, how he prepared and equipped us, and how He has moved in the hearts of His people to help.

Once again, Father, we stand in awe.


  1. I am praising God for sending you to Valentine! My heart rejoices that he has a truly committed family now. Your hearts must be heavy knowing he is facing an imminent transfer...we are praying for protection for Valentin and peace for you as his parents and that you can get to his FAST! Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey to increase OUR faith.

  2. I am praying for the funds to come through so you can bring him home. Oh how I wish I could help with the funds, but right now I can't. I know God will see you through, and that by your faith and love, you will rescue him.

  3. I cry thinking of him being transferred. I know what that did to Seth and Valen is not as strong going into it. I pray that the transfer will be delayed and you can get there quickly.


  4. I so honor your commitment to this little boy who has regressed so far backwards and needs a family to work with him. His road has been a long one and with God's will all work together for his recovery.

    May God Bless You and Keep You. May God Shine His Light on You and May God Grant You All Peace.


  5. I am so glad you are getting Valentin out! I know he will flourish in a loving home!

  6. It sort of sucks being in a spot where I just have to "watch" the valentines and the "bretts" and the "hailee's" get adopted when that is something there's nothing more my kids and I feel like doing. However sometimes timing is a no. However the next best thing then being able to do it is seeing a family that has already loved former orphans and are ready to take on a new beauty no matter what the "report" on him is. Plus as loving my career as a worker with "valintin" type kids and seeing them adopted and the change it has made has been nothing short of jaw dropping. No matter the steepness of the road it will eventually even out and that little man will be changed. You guys will be thought of a lot as you bring your 4th little one home.

  7. Praising God for His faithfulness to the "Valentins" of the world...when all hope seems lost, He sends a miracle! So happy you were willing to go and be the miracle He sends!! I know you will all be blessed! Loved this little guy from the moment I laid eyes on him! God is so good!!