Friday, January 20, 2012

Sharing the stories

We still are in awe of the love that so many of you have for Valentin. Ummm, have you seen the total to the right???? Over $8,000!!!! Humbled and inspired, that is all I can say!

Imagine if we had a prayer meter and every time someone prayed for us and for Valentin it went up. What in the world would that look like? There would not be enough room for it! Ya'll (yes I said ya'll) have moved us and touched us!

We have received so many emails, Facebook messages, and comments that are so inspiring that we just cannot keep them to ourselves. And have you read the super sweet comments so many of you are leaving????

We started this blog for a few reasons; to fund raise, to simply share our passion for adoption and highlight what God can do when we say yes, to share our journey with friends and family we don't get to talk to everyday, and to print out as a memory book for Valentin.

So for those reasons we want to share some of the ways people are showing their love for our Valentin. I have tried to remove any identifying information because I know most of you want to keep your good works between you and the Lord so we won't "out" you here.

There are too many to put in one post so I will roll them out over time. If you have shared or want to share a story and I have not mentioned it, please let me know. Since I moderate this blog you can send it to me as a comment, I will see it but will not make the comment public, I will share it in a blog post.

So to start it off, I want to share some blogs with you. These are people who before this we did not know. They were advocating for Valentin on their blogs and praying for a family for him. These are just the ones we know about! Most of them followed up with a post that God answered the MANY prayers being said for him to find a family.

As his parents, it blesses us to no end to know that before we even knew Valentin, people were praying for him and loving him and praying for us and loving us. Simply amazing!

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Hope 4 Every Child:

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And the blog that started it all – For The Love of Each Other (Schwenzerfamilyupdates)

Valentin Needs Help

A Family For Valentin

Introducing Valentin's Family

Valentin, our beloved son, you are one AMAZING boy and you are so LOVED!


  1. I am excited to read all the messages that you plan on putting on the blog!

  2. Valentin got 11.000$ GOD is Amazing!!!!!!!!