Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 30: Missing Joey, Celebrating Valentin

It was another wonderful visit with Valentin again!  He amazes us more each day!  I was not let into his room again but I stood outside the door and they brought him in the stroller to me. The first thing we did was get him out of the stroller, he did not like it and started moaning and crying but with a little sternness and us not giving into it we got him on the couch. Once there he realized 'oh, this isn't so bad'. We just keep thinking of how incredibly stressful and crazy it is going to be for him when we take him out of the orphanage. The orphanage, and to be honest really only his crib and room, are the only things that are familiar to him. He is going to be so freaked out and traumatized by all the changes that we are trying to get him a little more out of his comfort zone every day. Today he tolerated a lot as we both sat close to him and he would lean on one of us and then the other. We tried to make a lot of touch contact with him so that he learns we are safe.

It was amazing to watch him sitting up a lot. Previously when I would put him on the couch he would slowly sink down until he was just about laying down. He did not show a lot of interest in using his muscles. Today though he made his way to the edge of the couch so he could hang his legs over the edge and he sat up for a long time. It was so wonderful to see that he was building some core strength!!!  It's like he is a new kid everyday. If you would have asked me in those first few days of meeting him if I though he would do some of the things he is doing even now I would have said it will take a lot of time. And some things may take a lot of time. But he is really surprising me already with the gains he has made!  I can't wait to watch him once we get home and he can explore on nice soft carpeting and have freedom outside a crib. We will get therapy of course but I think he will make great strides all on his own just given the independence and opportunity to do so!!!  He mimicked the ASL sign for 'ball' as well as attempts to say it. He also clapped when he saw us clapping.  We have only had 45 minutes (an hour now) of time with him daily and already he is doing things he was TERRIFIED of just weeks ago. Imagine what he can do given more time out of the crib and in a loving home!  

Today he was not a big fan of the 'paparazzi'

Tomorrow May 18th, we have court at 2:00pm (that's 5:00 am MST for those of you at home). Please join us in praying that the judge will rule in favor of the boys joining our family. Really it all comes down to this. 

Hopefully we will learn more about Joey and his condition after court when our facilitator (who is back in town) meets with the orphanage director to find out details and especially when we can get him out of the hospital. Right now it does not look like he will get out before June 4th. That is not a problem and does not delay our process too much as long as we can find a way to get his passport picture taken in the hospital. Not sure if that is possible. If we have to wait until the 4th to get his passport picture the that will delay us at least another week and would put us here into the Euro soccer games...yikes...that would mean more expensive airfare, expensive lodging, and crazy traffic!  Hopefully our facilitator can help clarify what our options are tomorrow.

One thing is for sure...okay two, Valentin is one amazing kid and two, we sure do miss Joey!  I mean terribly miss him!!!!


  1. I am crying big tears here watching this video of your sweet amazing boy!!! I love him and his spirit!! So thankful he has you and your beautiful family!! Praying all goes smoothly and you can get the boys home asap! Blessings!!

  2. Valentin is really going to thrive when you get him home and settled!!!
    I am sorry to hear about Joey---maybe it is something very minor and will resolve itself quickly!!!
    Thoughts and prayers are with you!!
    Sunnie in NC

  3. Look at him go, Jamie!! Oh, that makes me cry! He's going to do so fabulously!!

  4. I knew he would surprise us all! God is showing HIS GLORY! Love seeing that sweet boy! Some day I hope to see him face to face AGAIN! Praying for Joey and for court! Big hugs to you all!
    Amy & Family

  5. He is doing awesome!!! Wow! Very excited to see him grow!!!!

  6. thinking of you guys!!! praying for court!!
    so so thankful to read that Valentin is opening up to you :)
    you should be able to take a picture of Joey with a white background (maybe sheets?) and get it printed for his passport. look for the kodak signs!
    hope your facilitator is able to get answers.

  7. I'm amazed at his sitting already! That boy is going to blow everyone away once he gets home.

  8. You are amazing to be so sensitive to Valentin's new experiences! For us it was so wonderful to experience the "firsts" with them, and then again exhausting because there were so many and the triggers were random. Praying for court, and praying for the hospital to release Joey in time.
    God Bless!

  9. Praying without ending! You will have those boys soon. By God's Great Name, Satan has to leave.

  10. It is absolutely amazing to see the transformation in Valentin. I can not believe it is the same little boy I watched in your first videos of him. What a beautiful testament to the power of love.

  11. How wonderful to see him unfolding and discovering new things! And to hear that word, "Ball!" How wonderful.

  12. This is so incredibly awesome! Valentin is showing the world his potential and how God has created him perfectly in His image! So thrilled for all of you to be the recipients of God's awesome grace!!! Prayers for Joey and for court that all things will work out beautifully in God's perfect timing! I love watching your wonderful journey. (((BIG HUGS))) from RI!