Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It has been an honor to pray

Thank you so much everyone for sending me prayer requests and encouragement!!!  As I read message after message of the needs out there I was humbled and honored for the opportunity to get outside my own little life and start interceding in others.  Does the soul some good!!!  I hope I am not sounding like we never pray for others.  We do, we try to always be mindful of the people hurting around us, missionaries, pastors, persecuted Christians, women thinking about abortion, abortionists, orphans, etc.  But never have I had such an opportunity to pray for so many 'strangers' by name at one time.  It doesn't feel like we are strangers when we have joined together in prayer does it?!?!

My husband and I take part in the Billy Graham telephone ministry (during airings of Billy Graham's classic crusade tapes people can call an 800 number to receive Christ and we answer the phones-sometimes people accept Christ and sometimes they just need prayer).  We used to go together but now with more kiddos my hubby goes and I stay with the kids.  I did not realize how much I missed it until your prayer requests started pouring in.  I miss that time speaking with people I probably will never meet in this life about their needs and praying together.  A quick way to learn how small and silly your "problems" are is to invite people to share theirs with you.

And boy are there some deep needs out there...kids who are very ill, some deep hurts, and the MANY families stuck in the waiting to adopt.  I could not believe the amount of people who like us are waiting on governments to finally go get their children.

I cannot thank you enough, this has really changed me.  I am returning to a habit of prayer...lots of prayer.  My kids are seeing me pray more and their prayers are become more thoughtful.  And to think, all of this would not have happened if we had received a travel date :)

Keep the prayer requests coming, I will not post them but I will add them to my prayer list.  Honestly.  If I have to spend hours going through them and praying I will enjoy every minute of it!  As much as all of you have done for us and for Valentin, I am thrilled to be able give back, even a little.  It has been an absolute pleasure and a huge blessing!  

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