Thursday, March 15, 2012


I had been praying about how to advocate for orphans and whether I should try to do something on this blog. Then I received the most heart felt message from another adoptive mom. It broke my heart and I knew it was time.

“I made a New Years Resolution to donate to Valentin every month until he came home... and I did until you were fully funded. But since Valentin found a family, I decided to choose another child to also donate to until he came home. That child was Kyle. I was drawn to Kyle like no other child.”

This mom, who with her husband have adopted two children, would love to bring Kyle home. Something that is completely out of her control prevents her from adopting Kyle herself.

“I have decided if I cannot bring him home, I HAVE TO find a family for him.”

I cannot imagine the heartache of wanting to provide a home to a child and not being able to. I am so broken-hearted for her and yet so inspired by her strength and resolve to find him a family.

So meet Kyle…

I know, right?! What a cutie pie!

He was born two days before Christmas, 2005.

An adoptive mom was able to meet Kyle in November 2010. She said he was able to dress himself, feed himself, walked relatively well with no assistance. His CP only affects his legs. He didn't speak to her so she wondered if he was nonverbal. He walked right up to her, held her hand for a long time and sat for her for a while, while she talked to him. He offered to share his apple that she brought for all the children. She would pick up the leaves and throw them in the air, and he would laugh and copy her.

The director has said he is only mildly cognitively delayed. But, that was over a year ago. He's been who knows where, getting who knows what kind of treatment since then.

He was transferred either to a mental institution or to an orphanage for older children some time between November 2010 and Spring 2011 because another person went to his orphanage Spring 2011 and Kyle wasn't there anymore. Reece’s Rainbow is trying to find out where he was transferred and whether or not the facilitators can confirm he is nonverbal. You remember the posts about conditions in a mental institution right?

So, do you think we can find him a family? I believe we can. What a precious boy to offer to share his apple…in an orphanage…where no doubt food is typically hoarded, not shared. That is a gentle and kind heart!

Please share his picture and share his story, donate if you can to his fund, and above all please pray that God would move a family to adopt him and would provide the means to do that.

Kyle is sitting either in a mental institution or an orphanage with no family. No attention or any meaningful affection. No one to teach him how to fly paper airplanes. No one to teach him about sports. No one to play catch with him. No one to teach him about God or how to grow as a compassionate and strong Christian man. No one to take extra care of him when he is sick. And sadly, no one telling him he is loved and cherished.

But he IS loved and cherished…by God and by those praying for him. Let’s find someone to bring him home. Please Father, let it be so.


  1. Where? What country...if allowed to say or just EE would many restrictions in some countries about number of kids already home does that apply to this guy???

    1. Mommy Mar, yes all I can say is EE. He is in the same country as Valentin if you have figured that out. There are NO family size restrictions!!!! There really are not many restrictions at all with this country :) If you are interested I can hook you up with the sweet mama that wanted to adopt him and the woman who visited and played with him. I moderate my comments so you can send me your email address in a comment and I won't share it :)

  2. He IS a sweet little guy!! I have prayed for all of the little ones in my son's former baby house, and especially his groupa. I'm the Momma that got to visit with him... please feel free to contact me! :) Thanks for this post Jamie!! I'm trying to re-do my blog and will hopefully figure it out this weekend, so I'll be posting about Kyle too! :)

  3. As a single parent I am too limited in my options of which children I can bring home. I have a wonderful (adopted) son but there is one boy who shares my birthday and I thought was going to be my son who I LOVE to pieces but found that I cannot adopt due to restrictions out of my control. I will pray for Kyle's family to find him as I pray to 'my' child's family to find him.