Friday, September 21, 2012

With a little help from my friends

I am writing this quickly because my friends at TEAMworks need your help. There is a team of Therapists getting ready to head over to Ukra*ne who need funding help. The group will be working in an orphanage, local hospital orphan ward, and NICU and setting up a mobile clinic for families attempting to raise their children with special needs.

TEAMworks has dedicated their time, resources, and training to help educate people on how to care for kids with special needs. They are making tremendous progress through continued trips and building relationships. Because of their continued efforts, they have even been allowed into the 'laying rooms' (remember the kind of room Daniel came from) to show the caretakers how to properly feed, position, stretch, and work with the kids and to show them there is hope for these kids.

I am telling you, it is because of missionaries like these that maybe...just maybe...the tide will start turning over there and kids with special needs will be looked at not as a curse or burden, but as having worth. They are changing hearts and at a time!

They have a private donor who agreed to match all donations up to $3,000. The money matching will end on Saturday at noon. They have only a short time to make their matching grant and become fully funded before they leave. Can you help?

You can use this link to donate: Pure Charity

Here you can read more about TEAMworks.

Even if you are unable to donate could you please join me in praying for their upcoming trip. Specifically for health and safety, favor with the orphanage, hospital and families, wisdom as they work, and that hearts would continue to soften for these children.

Thank you friends!


  1. Jamie,

    I donated through the Teamworks page and it went through 99 balloons (prior to realizing there was a separate link for this project). I hope they get this and it doesn't go to an umbrella organization. I read through their blog of the last trip to U**aine and it was amazing. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am adding them to my list of charities to support each year. This is a real tangible way to get badly needed help and education to these children and caregivers.

    Sue H.

    1. Hi Sue, the director or TEAMworks told me it is fine to donate through their webpage and that either way they will receive the money. She is very grateful for your help :-)