Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update to previous post...'Stellan' IS available for adoption!!!

An update to my previous post The Most Important Post I Will Ever Write:

Praise God...look who is listed on Reece's Rainbow and is available for international adoption...that precious boy 'Stellan'!!!

Like 'Janna' and 'Travis' lets work hard to grow his grant and find him a family!

Also, if you are seriously considering adopting one of these children but have questions I have set up an email account and you are welcome to email me at

I am writing this while trying to get kids up and out the door so forgive the haste but you all are amazing...I see that Janna and Travis' grants have grown...thank you!!!!  Thank God!!!


  1. OMG - I hope they're in the AT voting! If they are they have me to scream for them all the way!

  2. What a handsome little guy! If our hearts didn't already belong to another, I'd be racing for him. Praying he finds his forever family soon!

  3. Dear Jamie,
    Regarding Janna, you wrote that it's believed that she will be transferred to a mental institution in September. If a family commits, though, she may be able to stay at the orphanage until the family comes.

    I was thinking, do you think you could ask Reece's Rainbow to put that information up on Janna's Reece's Rainbow profile? I was thinking the September ultimatum might spur a family to action.

    Also, I'm wondering...once Janna is transferred to the mental institution, is she still eligible for adoption, or is that it for her?
    If you do hear that she has been transferred to the mental institution, will you tell all of us on your blog? That way, as we pray for her, we know where she is.

    I was also thinking that maybe your comments regarding Janna's reaction to you could be put up on the Reece's Rainbow profile, specifically, your words as follows:
    "What touched me the most was every time I would rub her head or hands she looked at me like it was the most soothing thing that had ever happened to her - I will never forget that look. It was as if she was saying 'I have longed for someone to touch me and care for me, thank you.'

    This would show prospective parents that Janna can process love and respond.

    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. Thank you for advocating.

    Stacy V. in Indiana

    1. I just sent all the info to RR and I am sure they will put it up on their profiles :-)

  4. I SO BADLY want to be Stellan's mom. We are completing a Bulgarian adoption now..have 5 from Ukraine and prayerfully will be adopting a 16 from Ukraine (though we haven't been able to get her out of foster care in years and only have 6 more months to do this) BUT our I600a approval for Ukraine should be coming next week. God would have to do a work in my husband's heart, I can't even bare to ask him at this point... Can I talk to you privately about where he is?

    1. Absolutely! Email me at :-)

  5. Jamie,

    If you aren't already, will you please pray for this RR family who brought home 2 girls this year and suffered a terrible tragedy. Follow the link and then read more current updates. Please encourage your church and friends to pray for them!