Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 45: Seriously Day 45?

Poor Valentin was fairly lethargic again today :(  And his eyes are still so so red.  My facilitator is calling the orphanage doctor to try to find out what is going on with him.  Please join me in praying that God will heal him, especially with Gotcha Day coming in just 2 days!!!!

When I went to visit Valentin I went into his room and made sure I loved on the other 3 children in there while the nannies changed Valentin's diaper and clothes.  His diaper is always super full but today he had pee all over his shirt and down his leg.  When they took the diaper off it was incredible how full it was, I have seen almost 4 years worth of constant diapers and never have I seen a diaper that full of pee.  Some even ran onto the changing table.  How long had he been wearing that diaper?  Since I saw them change him yesterday?  Could that be?  No one wiped him or the table they just threw another diaper on him and put clean clothes on.  I have not talked yet about the smell in his room and on him but you can imagine.  Well imagine and then multiply it by 10.  To be honest I am not sure he has ever received a bath since I fist met him.  He had to have right?  Maybe he has but there has never been a day that he seemed clean or did not smell.  Can you tell I am just about done with him being at that place!

Anyway they put him in the stroller and I rolled him down the hall.  In the room off the common area there was some sort of visit happening.  There were teenage boys and girls in uniforms putting on puppet shows and singing and dancing.  It was really fun to watch, until it dawned on me that children like Valentin never get invited to these sort of fun events.  How hard would it be to put some of the special needs kids into srtollers (and I have seen that they have plenty of strollers there) and let them watch too?  Why do they flat out ignore kids like Valentin like that.  I really do not get it.  And the more I see it the more I am saddened at how hardened people's hearts are.  Today I just am tired of it.

But today whether they wanted him there or not Valentin got to see it.  He of course would never be invited into the room but I turned his stroller to watch as he 'danced' to the music.  He and I clapped along.

Us being there and watching was not well received and we were met with either stares or being ignored like we didn't even exist.  Honestly guys I was just about in tears.  I could not believe that disgust, judgement, and prejudice.  I had to start praying or I was going to lose it.  I just kept smiling at everyone and praying under my breath "God give me grace.  Help me to show the same grace you have shown me.  Salt and light.  Salt and light.  Salt and light."

And do you know what happened next?  All the kids in the room were given a juice box and a candy.  One of the teenage boys came out of the room and brought my Valentin a juice box and a candy.  I cannot tell you what that meant to me and probably what it meant to Valentin.  That tiny little act of kindness absolutely melted my heart and turned my day around.  I could not believe this brave boy standing up for what is right and offering a special treat to my son.  I don't think he will ever know just how much his tiny act of kindness meant or how I will never forget it or his face.  Thank you God :)

I had a lot of fun at my visit with Joey and his groupa.  I did not take any pictures or video but it was so cute as his groupa sang songs for me.  There is one little girl in his group (the only girl) and she is so precious.  She is non-verbal but just the sweetest thing you have ever met.  He was trying desperately to sing the songs but was too busy blowing me kisses.  Precious!  Then it was off to play with blocks :)  Remember that I was saddened that Joey was not speaking to me in Russian?  So not the case now!  He talks on and on at me.  It is so hard because I want so badly to know what he is saying but he does not seems to mind, he just talks on and if he is asking me to do something he just shows me as he explains it to me.  It is so cute, he is my little Russian teacher!

Gotcha Day is in 2 short days!!!!  Tonight hubby will begin his trip back here, I cannot wait to see him and bust those kids outta there!!!


  1. Couldn't help but think how funny, ironic and telling it would be for a group of visitors to be there the day you bring Valenin out - wow! So cool that you got that video to show the stark "doorway" of being left out...

  2. Your video and this post and last brought tears to my eyes. It is so very troubling the way children with disabilties are treated differently. I am so glad though that you continue to post about what you have seen and witnessed, and I hope you post more, to open others' eyes to the disparity.

  3. I just love that these are your 2 boys. So hard to see the way they treat the special needs children.... terrible.
    I can't wait for you all to be home together! Your boys will thrive.
    Thanks for sharing another day with us.
    Praying for you all.

  4. Hi there!

    I just found your blog on the RR 'Traveling Now' page, and have been so touched to read your stories about sweet Valentin and Joey! And heartbroken for the other children. :( I don't know what country your boys are in, but my husband and I are taking a trip to Ukraine in October to visit a few organisations and explore the possibility of moving there to work with orphans with special needs. Reading your posts about the conditions these precious children are facing really confirmed to me that this is a possibility we need to continue to prayerfully pursue...there is such a need. God BLESS you in these next exciting days, as you get to 'bust your boys outta there'!!

  5. Valentin, a music lover! Oh, I hope someday he gets the joy of being up close as people play different instruments, like a clarinet or bassoon or violin! Jamie, if you have a keyboard or piano, maybe you could press his fingers on the keys so he can have the fun of knowing he made music himself! I imagine him listening to orchestras and string quartets and piano solos and band music and choirs and soloists....
    What musical joys await you, Valentin!
    Stacy in Indiana

  6. I am counting the hours until Valentin and Joey are yours. I cannot wait to read that Valentin has had lots of hugs, a nice, warm, soap-bubbly bath and a shampoo, had ointment and/or soothing drops placed into his poor eyes, has new, clean clothes, delicious and nutritious thickened food and drink, and can both listen to and make music, and that Joey is settling in and giving - and getting! - lots of loving kisses, as he builds yet higher and higher towers with his beloved blocks. BTW, flash cards should be a big help in helping him communicate and learn English. Picture dictionaries for young children also work well.

    How high those towers eventually will reach - reaching for the skies, for both Joey and Valentin!

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  7. My heart hurt when i read the first part and the video is shocking its not fair makes me mad

  8. Hoping that everything is going well and your boys are in your arms.

  9. This post brought me to tears. I have adopted three little boys from Russia. They all have Down syndrome. It just breaks my heart to see your little guy enjoying the music but not be allowed to be in the room. :( I am praising Jesus that he only has two days left and he then he will be included in everything from now on!

  10. How disgusting to treat people, let alone children with nothing like that. I hope they can see the error of their ways, do they not have any compassion, do they not feel sorry for these children who have nothing, nobody, throughout their WHOLE entire life, this is not even just one day of sadness, it goes on and on for these children in these cribs, and then the icing on the cake comes along- mental institution.

    Thankyou for sharing, I know I will do the same as you one day. Valentin is absolutely delightful and so so adorable, please take care of him and let him know how precious and deserving he is.

  11. So glad that you are sharing your journey with us. I am so happy that two boys will have forever homes. Praying the rest of the kids will get adopted!
    Holly Arnold